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Posted by on 01/11/2016

Springbank 14 years 1999 for Springbank Society 10th Anniversary


Many distilleries have established their fan clubs. They may offer some privileges to their members, such as discount on purchase, preemptive purchase of membership exclusive bottlings, gifts on visits and even a parcel of land. Yes, a parcel of land – a square feet of land in Laphroaig distillery free to every Friend of Laphroaig. Obviously it is just a gimmick. Don’t think you could consolidate your “lands" and erect anything on it.

Most fan clubs are membership free for joining or accompanying by purchase of certain products. Springbank has its fan club, Springbank Society but £50 is payable for membership. In additions to common privileges of most fan clubs, a free polo shirt and whisky miniature will be given to the new members.

I  now introduce a Springbank whisky which is a membership exclusive bottlings, and of rather special one which was released for Springbank Society’s 10th anniversary.

Springbank 14 years, 1999/2014, Springbank Society 10th Anniversary, 700 ml, 57.8%
Bottling: Springbank Society 1o th Anniversary 1994 to 2014
Cask type: Refill Sherry Butt
Distilled: September 1999
Bottled: April 2014
No. of bottles: 546

Nose: Smoke, smoked fish, brine, toffee, nectar
Palate: Brine, smoked eel, honey, ash, anise
Aftertaste: Long, charred wood, herb, salty
Comment: Rich, smoky, notes of ocean and seafood, candy sweet balanced the profile, fresh nectar appeared over time. Full body, smoked oily fish, very salty, little honey sweetened the brine, ended with spicy. Long aftertaste, still salty and more toasty. Rich and solid, very island style peat. I may guess it from Islay in blind tasting. A good young whisky, though not complex, layered and well structured, very good dram.

Springbank 14 years, 1999/2014, Springbank Society 1o th Anniversary

Springbank 14 years 1999 Springbank Society 1o th Anniversary (photo copied from Internet)

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