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Posted by on 10/20/2015

Macallan Fine Oak – the Preconceptions?


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Macallan prides of her Sherry cask aged whiskies. When the first Fine Oak series was released in 2004, it broke the heart of some Macallan die-hard fans – no more blue blood Sherry Macallan. There was a hearsay that the standard Sherry Oak series would be replaced by that new Fine Oak. Rumored that the Asian markets complaint the most and Macallan adjusted the formula by increasing the weight of Sherry components to “refine" the series as “Fine Oak Triple Cask Matured". Macallan further alleged that the standard Sherry Oak series would continue. Case settled, finally.

Notwithstanding that most people (personal observation, no scientific statistics) still prefer the traditional Sherry Oak over Fine Oak especially their “official" price settings are the same. Is it owing to the preconceptions of people?

I have tasted few different batches of Fine Oak 18 years Macallan. They are really good in my opinion. How about the entry level of 12 years old?

Macallan 12 years Fine Oak Triple Cask Matured, 700 ml, 40% (Sample 50 ml)

Nose: Fresh baked malt loaf, raisin, black date, honey baked Chinese herb, toffee
Palate: Toffee, malt loaf, raisin, honey, dark chocolate
Aftertaste: A bit short, toast, caramel
Comment: Lovely fresh baked bread, a signature of Macallan to me, sweet raisin and pit dried black date, some honey treated herb. Soft body, sweeter than nose, and retain that lovely baking element. A bit short aftertaste, very soft . What a lovely note for this 12 years old young Macallan, and it is a fine oak, good structure and balance amongst toasted grain, candy, dried fruit and herb. A bit soft at palate but still good in favour, rich and pleasant, so as to aftertaste. Flesh and clean good Macallan.

Macallan 12 years Fine Oak (photo copied from Macallan official website)

Macallan 12 years Fine Oak (photo copied from Macallan official website)

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