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Posted by on 04/5/2016

Dun Bheagan Island 8 years Whisky


I have briefly introduced the Dun Bheagan Regional Malts Collection in previous articles but sorry that all these were written in Chinese but you may seek help from Google God.
Dun Bheagan Island 8 years
Dun Bheagan Islay 8 years
Dun Bheagan Highland 8 years

I now introduce an Island malt of  Dun Bheagan Regional Malt Collection.

Dun Bheagan Island 8 years, 700 ml, 43%

Obviously the bottler did not mention about the distillery but it should be easier to guess its origin for this bottling. Firstly it won’t be an Islayer. Assumed that it is of standard favour of the distilleries, It will not from  Arran, Jura or Tobermory of Mull if it tasted oceany. That the candidates might be from Talisker, Ledaig of Mull and Highland Park.

Let’s taste and guess for fun!

Nose: Sea ​​breeze, seaweed, hay, vanilla, honey for BBQ
Palate: Sea salt, smoked fish, vanilla, caramel
Aftertaste: A bit short, sea salt, smoked oyster, charcoal
Comment: Full of ocean smell, somehow feeling BBQ by the coast. Light body, simple but still taste of seafood. A bit short length aftertaste, smoked seafood lasting. A bit simple overall, good on nose, short but attractive aftertaste, good for just an eight years old whisky. Hmmmm… is of oceany favours, neither peaty iodine nor smoking heather, yes, I know where is it from!

(Come on silly, there are tons of information about its origin on the Internet. Stop playing the whisky master game, OK?)

Dun Bheagan Island 8 years

Dun Bheagan Island 8 years

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