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Posted by on 07/15/2015

簡單酒評 Auchentoshan Silver Oak 21 years 1990


環球美酒盡在 Sipping Malt 微醺之醉

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我在前文分別介紹了數款的 Auchentoshan,現在介紹的一款是最老的。

Auchentoshan Silver Oak 21 years, 1990, 700 ml, 51.5%

這是免稅店的限定版,一九九零年蒸餾,由陳年於 North American Bourbon 及 Spanish Oloroso casks 的原酒調合,第一版二十一年陳的於二零一二年推出,第二版二十二年陳的於二零一三年上市。我喝的這款是第一版。

氣味: 柑橘,香草,乾草,花蜜,麵包,奶油
口味: 蜜糖,橙皮果醬,麵包,乾草,香草,牛油軟糖
餘蘊: 中等長度,黑咖啡,木質單寧,曲奇餅
結論:  氣味頗清新,濃郁但清香的花蜜,伴有乾草,塗上橙皮果醬的麵包香氣,還有點點的香草,很有清晨農家的感覺。酒體厚實,和氣味近似,蜜糖甜潤,也有乾草及果醬等的味道。餘蘊甘苦適度,偏向木質的味道。氣味濃郁得來不失清新,酒體厚實但不過重,餘蘊舒適,整體上結構出算複雜,尤其是以廿一年陳的酒來說,平衡甚佳,由氣味到餘蘊都是同一主體,清晨的農莊民宿早餐,正斗的。

English Version of Tasting Note

I have introduced three different Auchentoshan whiskies in previous articles and now the turn to the oldest one.

Auchentoshan Silver Oak 21 years, 1990, 700 ml, 51.5%

This is a limited edition for duty free retailers. Blended from the whiskies distilled in 1990 and aged in North American Bourbon and Spanish Oloroso casks. The first release is aged 21 years old and launched in 2012 while the 22 years old second release launched in the following year. The sample I tasted is the first release.

Nose: Citrus, vanilla, hay, nectar, bread, cream
Palate: Honey, marmalade, bread, hay, vanilla, butterscotch
Aftertaste: Medium length, black coffee, woody tannins, cookies
Comments: Rich notes, fresh and delicate nectar, accompanied hay, bread with marmalade spread and hints of vanilla, feeling the morning in farm。Rich body, tones similar to notes, sweet and smooth honey, also hay and jam. Comfortable aftertaste, trends to woody and toasty.Rich nose but still fresh, solid body but not overwhelming, comfortable aftertaste, good complexity to a 21 years old whisky, very good balance and consistence from nose to aftertaste, breakfast in farm, a very good whisky.

Auchentoshan Silver Oak 21 years 1990

Auchentoshan Silver Oak 21 years 1990

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