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Posted by on 08/11/2014

香料之路 Johnnie Walker The Spice Road


Please scroll down to the bottom for English Version of tasting note.

所謂的香料之路 The Spice Road,是 Johnnie Walker 於 2012 年尾推出新系列的第一炮。這系列名為 Explorers’ Club Collection,聽聞之下又會細分多條副線,第一條副線為 Trade Routes,目前有三款酒,於免稅市場發售,按價錢由低至高分別是 The Spice Road,The Gold Route 和 The Royal Route。

這系列的由來,是說紀念十九世紀的開發歐美非亞商業貿易路線的探索時代,當然事實是順手開展侵占殖民及戰爭。 JW 家族當年亦有參與前者,開發了不少商機,這系列就是其致敬之作。我現在介紹的 The Spice Road 說是靈感來自當年充滿色彩香料和活力發展蓬勃的遠東航線,云云。我實在對甚麼致敬甚麼啟發的理由很厭倦了。

Johnnie Walker The Spice Road, 1 ltr., 40%

氣味: 乾棗,冬蜜,拖肥,香桃軟糖,黃萁類中藥
口味: 乾花,花蜜,拖肥,黃萁類中藥,咖啡,香料
餘蘊: 中等長度,焦糖,黑咖啡,甘草
結論: 很好的氣味,有乾果及蜜糖的甜潤,也有各式糖果,點點的中藥平衡甜膩。酒身柔軟,順滑,也是香甜,但多了咖啡作平衡。中等長度的餘蘊,甘苦適度。氣味雖然香甜,但過於單一,就是甜,口味上平衡很多,酒身十分柔順,雖則不算複雜,但作為中價的調和威士忌,絕對交足功課。

English Version of Tasting Note

“The Spice Road" is one of Johnnie Walker New Explorers’ Club Collection and was launch in the late 2012. There will be few series under The Explorers’ Club and the first series is “‘Trade Routes" for duty free market. There are currently three bottlings under this series, listing by order from the lowest price, namly, The Spice Road, The Gold Route and The Royal Route.

This series is said to tribute to the trading routes exploration for trade and business in 1800s and accordingly, the exploration of wars and colonization. JW family joined the trading routes exploration at that time and got many business opportunities. JW claimed that The Spice Road is inspired by the vibrant, colorful and spicy thriving Far East market. In fact I feel quite boring to such so-called tribute and inspiration.

Johnnie Walker The Spice Road, 1 ltr., 40%

Nose: Dried date, winter honey, toffee, peach flavored gummy candy, Chinese herb.
Palate: Dried flower. nectar, toffee, Chinese herb, coffee, spice
Aftertaste: Medium length, caramel, dark coffee, liquorice
Conclusion: Good note, sweety dried fruit, honey and candies, sweetness balanced by touch of herb. Soft and smooth body, still sweety, but further balanced by dark coffee. Medium length aftertaste, adequate sweetness and bitterness. Attractive aroma but one dimension of sweetness, better balance on palate, very soft body but barely complexity. Nevertheless, The Spice Road is doing very well with such a price tag at duty free shops.

Johnnie Walker The Spice Road (圖片來自網絡,只供參考)

Johnnie Walker The Spice Road (圖片來自網絡,只供參考)


  1. 保存環境理想的話,理論上無期限。

  2. 请问该酒保存期限是多久?

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