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Posted by on 07/12/2016

Bowmore 1992 Wine Cask Matured


The Bowmore which I now introduce is rather uncommon in OB past series, namely, vintage, cask strength and wine wine cask aged. According to the information from Internet, this 1992 distilled whisky was firstly aged in Bourbon cask for six years and removed to limousin cask which previously held Bordeaux wine for further 10 years. Ten years’ secondary ageing cannot be said a “finish" and therefore it was termed “Wine Cask Matured".

Let’s tasting this wine cask matured vintage Bowmore.

Bowmore 16 year, 1992, Wine Cask Matured, 700 ml, 53.5%

Nose: Pepper, fortified wines, licorice gum, sea salt, caramel, toffee
Palate: Pepper, licorice, caramel, smoked fish, charcoal, dark chocolate
Aftertaste:Medium length, charcoal, roast fish, spices
Comment: Pepper alike spices in the first wave on nose, followed by sweet fortified wine and licorice gum, then island character sea salt appeared, salty favored caramel stuffed toffee bar followed. Full body, taste followed by aromas, medium length aftertaste, trended to toasty. Not very ocean at the beginning, wine favor as the name suggested. Aftertaste it is an islander, sea flavor cannot be concealed. Very good balancing, rich, layered, an excellent whisky.

Bowmore 1992, Wine Cask Matured,

Bowmore 1992, Wine Cask Matured

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