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Posted by on 11/23/2015

GlenDronach 18 years 1994 Cask 68


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A simple tasting note about a GlenDronach. This GlenDronach is bottled for Mr. Kenny Hsu who is a Keeper of the Quaich. He is a friend of mine. He gave me a sample in a nice bottle in few years ago. I keep it as my treasure and therefore never open it. It has nothing to do with the value of this whisky but to the matter about how you value the friendship. Luckily my friends recently gave me another sample of this bottling. This sample is obtained from a Kenny guided tasting event organized by them. Thank you. Finally I could have opportunity to taste it while I can still keep Kenny’s bottle as my collection.

Glendronach 18 years, 1994, C# 68 (Simple from Kenny Hsu)

Glendronach 18 years, 1994, C# 68 (Sample from Kenny Hsu)

GlenDronach 18 years, 1994/2012, C# 68, 700 ml. 56.6%
Description: Kenny Hus’ Selection, Taiwan
Distilled: 28 January 1994
Bottled: December 2012
Bottle no.: 393/621

Nose: Dry ginger, preserved plum, raisin, citrus, chocolate, tobacco, cinnamon
Palate: Old honey, preserved plum, toffee, coffee, preserved ginger, smoking box, spicy
Aftertaste: Medium, burnt wood, coffee grounds, spicy
Comment: Lightly sour citrus and preserved plum at front, fine chocolate followed, dried ginger added little bit spicy, hints of tobacco, ended with cinnamon. Sticky old honey and sweet toffee, mildly hot preserved ginger and mixed spices, touch of smoke and oak. Medium length bitter and toasted aftertaste. Rather sour fresh stone fruit and preserved berries notes but sweet honey and sweeties at palate, balance by spices and wood avoiding overwhelming, a bit harsh bitterness in aftertaste but still acceptable. Full and rich, complex and layered, a good big whisky.

Glendronach 1994, 18年cask 68徐代書選桶, 56.6%, Oloroso Sherry Butt, ***2013 “Malt Maniacs" Awards. Premium Category - Best Sherried Whisky

Glendronach 18 years, 1994, C# 68

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