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Posted by on 08/19/2008


上星期買了瓶 The Speyside 12 years, 港幣三百多, 尚算合理

當時買這瓶酒時正有點猶疑, 但卻想不起問題所在

回到家後, 終於記起了! The Speyside, 一間出產了一款知名的黑威士忌 Cu Dhub 的蒸餾廠!

有甚麼知名? 知名在於劣!

這支酒評語頗劣, quoted from WhiskyFun:
Cu Dhub (40%, OB) … starts quite weirdly, on overcooked coffee and cheap perfume, with some smoke – some smoke from an exhaust pipe, that is. Pear drops, orange marmalade… Not ‘too’ bad in fact but the bigger problems are soon to arrive, with some strange notes of stale Campari, Schweppes, ‘chemical’ orange juice (Tang), cheap grapefruit juice, bubblegum, grape juice… Lots of aromas you don’t usually find in a single malt, in fact. Funny, yes, it’s funny… but almost disgusting as well! Mouth: ouch! Weak and watery attack, on old vase water. Develops on all sorts of ‘chemical’ tastes: Nutrasweet, cheap sweets, rotten orange zest, American restaurant coffee at the end of the day, burnt butter… Yuck! Now, this one is a swill! Finally, the Loch Dhu has found its evil master, it appears! He he he… 35 points.

我這支 The Speyside 12 years 也不見得好
MaltManiacs Monitor: 74-76
WhiskyFun: 71
Whisky Magazine forum 更是劣評如潮


好歹都要飲的, 開瓶!

酒色較淡, 就如金黃的大麥, 沒有令人討厭的焦糖色, 應該是波本桶的

氣味不錯, 輕輕的香草, 麥甜, 雖則簡單, 但令人舒暢

入口微甜, 輕煙燻, 苦味感強

回味方面, 麥甜, 煙燻, 苦味纏繞不斷


幸好, 已比想像中的算好了

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