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Posted by on 03/10/2017

The Rare Malt Hong Kong x Tiger x GlenDronach


Chinese edition is here.

Recently, the Taiwan exclusive whisky bottlings are getting popular amongst whisky connoisseurs. The rich favors and package design with Chinese elements attract not only the local Taiwan customers, but also win the appreciation of other Asian and even the western markets.

The Taiwanese market is mature and big enough to sustain a stable still growing status quo that allows the presence of many of these exclusive bottlings. Many people see Taiwan as a whisky paradise in Asia.

Whisky is becoming a trend in Hong Kong in recent years. The growth of “true" connoisseurs and collectors is very significant by which can be peeked from some activities, such as the lively whisky auctions and keeping on new opening of whisky specialist shops and bars, for examples.

Though the market size of Hong Kong cannot compete to Taiwan and Japan by now, she has good potential. Some Hong Kong whisky connoisseurs have already owned their exclusive casks, for purposes of personal interest, collections, group members & etc. Here is one of the examples, an exclusive cask for a Hong Kong newly established whisky specialist shop, The Rare Malt.

The Rare Malt

The Rare Malt

Amazingly this new whisky shop can partner with Mr. Tiger Huang who is a famous whisky industry practitioner in Taiwan. This exclusive cask bottling is allowed to bear the brand “Tiger Selection" which represents the reputation of Mr. Tiger Huang. The whisky itself is a well aged 24 years old single malt from GlenDronach. It is not easy to acquire such an old cask at present as in the fact that the insufficient supplies of mature stocks that the most distilleries prefer to retain the old casks for their own use.


Mr. Tiger Huang

Just curious about the outcome of the reaction by a new player The Rare Malt x famous Tiger Selection x well aged cask from GlenDronach. Let’s take some drams right now!

GlenDronach 24 years, 1992/2016, C# 95, 700 ml, 57.6%
Bottling: The Rare Malt and Tiger Selection
Cask type: Oloroso Sherry Butt
Distilled: 15 May 1992
Bottled: November 2016
No. of bottle: 34/589

Sample from a friend of mine and I further tasted it again at the shop direct from original bottle.

Nose: Dried ginger, condensed milk, toffee, cinnamon, clove, sandalwood
Palate: Dried ginger, dark coffee, toasted wood, cinnamon, clove, herb, brown sugar
Aftertaste: Long aftertaste, coffee ground, toasted wood, compound spices
Comments: Quite spices, sweetie condense milk and toffee held, hints of sandalwood appeared overtimes. Solid body, not oily as expected but crispy instead, still dried ginger and spices, much toasty. Long toasty and woody aftertaste, chewing bitterness. This bottling is quite crispy and refreshing rather than those greasy and sweetie Taiwanese counterparts, and hence, details of tastes can be well identified, plus seasoning by species, making you glass after glass. Not a big dram, but instead it is balancing and layering, rich and detailing, love it.

Look forward to see more Hong Kong exclusive casks in future.

The first lot of this cask 95 will be available at The Rare Malt soon. You may contact them for details.

GlenDronach 1992 C# 95

GlenDronach 1992 C# 95

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