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Posted by on 06/8/2016

Hibiki Mellow Harmony Japanese Whisky


Hibiki is one of the major product lines in Suntory. For standard bottlings, there are the youngest 12 years old, classic 17 years, premium 21 years and flagship 30 years old. The recent new release includes those special fancy labels and duty free exclusive versions, as well as the NAS (No Age Statement) bottling. The new NAS Hibiki is named Harmony. By the price level suggested, this new NAS Harmony becomes the elementary bottling in this product line.

The Hibiki Harmony which I am going to introduce is not the current elementary version. It was one of the two special editions released in 2013.

Hibiki  Mellow Harmony, 700 ml, 43%

The formula of Hibiki Mellow Marmony is based on standard 17 years old by adding some Yamazaki malts of more than 30 years ago, limited to 4,000 bottles. There was another special edition released at the same time, the Deep Harmony, also based on standard 17 years old formula, blended with Hakushu malts aged in ex-red wine cask , limited to 4,000 bottle as well.

The Hibiki whisky is famous in smooth and soft. Now harmony plus mellow that the style of this Hibiki is very obvious.

Nose: Preserved plum, fresh apricot, apple, chocolate, sandalwood
Palate: Honey, plum, coffee, citrus peel, spices
Aftertaste: Medium length, coffee grounds, toasted wood
Comments: Very sweet and soft aroma, especially the sweet with sour preserved plum, fresh apricot, delicious apple, delightful chocolate and faint wood at back. Soft and smooth body, balance between sweet and bitter. Medium length aftertaste, trended to toasty. A whisky of soft and smooth but with dimensions, good example to blended whiskies. Overall it is soft and sweet but balanced with adequate bitterness and toasty, a good whisky for leisure time.

Hibiki  Mellow Harmony

Hibiki Mellow Harmony

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