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Posted by on 12/31/2015

Springbank 10 years for Decommissioning of HMS Campbeltown


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This Springbank whisky is a private bottling for a commemorating event  The Decommissioning of HMS Campbeltown on the 7 April 2011.

Don’t ask me what was this event or the story of HMS campbeltown as you guys know my ignorant. I just grabbed some information from the Internet about these things.

HMS Campbeltown was a frigate class warship of the British Royal Navy commissioned on 27 May 1989 and this warship was decommissioned on 7 April 2011. She made her final visit to her namesake town of Campbeltown in March 2011. A series of ceremonies had been taking place there for her decommission on 7 April 2011. The ship was then sold and demolished. Her ship’s bell was acquired from the first HMS Campbeltown which is famous in the action of St. Nazaire Raid in World War II and now her bell had been returned to Campbelltown for keeping.

Springbank 10 years, Decommissioning of HMS Campbeltown 2011, 700 ml, 50.5%

Nose: medicine, seawater, dried flower, smoked mussel, brown sugar, cranberry sauce
Palate: seawater, incense, dried flower, smoked fish, maple syrup
Aftertaste: medium length, ash, clove
Comment: Quite maritime and smoky on nose, little bit medicine while aroma of dried flower, balanced by fruity sweetness at end. Interesting woody spicy, incense alike but at palate, oh chewing an incense. Again ocean elements and ended with lovely maple syrup. Medium length toasty and spicy aftertaste. This Springbank whisky is full of maritime tastes, soft and mild, impressive by that spicy woody scent, lovely and interesting. An easy to drink with characters’ good young Springbank.

Springbank 10 years, Decommissioning of HMS Campbeltown 2011

Springbank 10 years, Decommissioning of HMS Campbeltown 2011 (Photo sourced from Internet)

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