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Posted by on 08/10/2015

簡單酒評 Glendronach 1994 Cask 3546


環球美酒盡在 Sipping Malt 微醺之醉

English Version at page bottom

累積了不少 GlenDronach 的酒評,繼續吧。

GlenDronach 17 years 1994/2012, C# 3546,700 ml,55.7%
Cask type: Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon
Distilled: 25/11/1994
Bottled: 8/2012
No. of Bottle: 576

這款多納是桶陳於 PX 甜雪莉桶,預計也是香濃甜美,這類酒一般很受市場歡迎的。

氣味: 老蜜糖,蜜炙中藥,黑棗,肉桂,半乾濕元肉,炭燒咖啡
口味: 老蜜糖,焦糖,咖啡,蜜餞梅子,糖漬柚皮,肉桂
餘蘊: 悠長,黑茶,咖啡渣,柑橘皮
結論: 氣味豐富,很有中藥感覺,黑棗元肉是中式糖水,亦有燻炙的氣味,也還是甜美的。酒體有力,濃郁,甜中帶果皮的苦澀,但不刺激。餘蘊悠長,除果皮的苦,還有黑茶咖啡的烘焙。這款酒我不知西人會怎樣形容,很有涼茶鋪感覺,真的,但喝起來是十分美妙,甜中帶甘,甘中有果,果中帶醇,好喝,只是融和上稍欠,整體上是正斗的。

English Version of Tasting Note

Still some tasting notes about GlenDronach are yet to release, lets GlenDronach again.

This GlenDronach is a PX cask aged whisky. Expected it is of rich and sweet style and this kind of whisky is normally welcomed by the market.

Nose: Old honey, honey baked Chinese herb, dried black date, semi-dried longan, charred coffee
Palate: Old honey, caramel, coffee, preserved plum, sweeten pomelo peel, cinnamon
Aftertaste: Long aftertaste, black tea, coffee grounds, citrus peel
Comment: Rich in favors, full of Chinese elements such as Chinese herb, longan and black date which all these are commonly using in Chinese tonic and dessert. Strong body, condense, sweet yet soft bitterness of citrus peel. Long aftertaste, bitterness of peel as well as baked black tea and coffee. I am quite eager to know how do Western people describe the favors of this whisky. A very good whisky, as concluded.

GlenDronach 17 years 1994 C# 3546

GlenDronach 17 years 1994 C# 3546

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