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Posted by on 03/6/2014

Being personal and authentic are like having the keys to the

Ashok Kumar, the bus conductor accused of the murder of Gurgaon schoolboy Pradyuman Thakur and who had been in jail for two months, will have to wait longer for bail. A Gurgaon court which was hearing his petition, has deferred its judgment in the matter. The next hearing is on November 20.. Avi Bhandari, who lives by the Dubai Creek said: “After the scorching summer most UAE resident look forward to winter so that they can go barbeque in the numerous parks and plan over night trips to the desert. Even my family engages in similar activities but for me the most exciting part about winter is to wake up in the morning and look out of my window to find the beautiful seagulls." Sharjah resident, Abdul Kareem, picked up his lens and went for a walk to Buhairah Corniche once he spotted the seagulls. He said: “They are simply beautiful.

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