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Posted by on 01/30/2014

BBC Quarry: Discussed in his review of the Doctor Who LCD

There is a country on Earth that measures its citizen’s prosperity in happiness not in GDP. A country that opened its gates to visitors only forty years ago. This country is gaining an almost mythical status due to a few very advanced ideas about how life should be. Bhutan has rejected the traditional way of measuring national progress in GDP. This small country prides itself measuring the social, spiritual and physical health and happiness of its citizens and their natural environment. In times when our material world is collapsing, the values and what way we measure progress is failing this tiny country is showing the way to the most developed nations on our Planet. Their King is pointing us to a direction that is more human and less materialistic. It is happening now, when the world is in financial crisis and there is a movement in the world when people are waking up that money is not everything. When people are paying more attention to their health, their family, their quality of life, to their spiritual well being and their environment. When people are disappointed in politicians.

Also, the 3DS Mii QR video. the first QR code does give you Noseybonk as promised. The subsequent codes. do not. The one labelled “Excellence" gets you a Mii with a mouth where his eyes should be and a mole or single eye on his chin named “Cylox 7″, the one labelled “Godmonster" gets you the Forever Alone face, and the one labelled “Ashens" gives a tall, slender woman with a backwards three on her face named “I AM 3″. BBC Quarry: Discussed in his review of the Doctor Who LCD Adventure Game, where he explains that whenever the Doctor actually goes to a foreign planet in the seventies, it usually looks like a rock quarry in Wales the reason being it literally was, to his understanding. Be Careful What You Wish For: Anvil dropped in the Toy Box, Geek Gear July 2016 video. game after being all pleased with receiving a copy of Link’s Awakening DX for the Game Boy. in there, and broke down corpsing. After finally regaining his composure, he warned viewers to never ever joke about these kinds of things because they may become true. Berserk Button: Lanyards. They set him off because every piece of retro tat comes with one. “They’re a waste of the planet. The campaign starts here." Incidentally, his way of getting rid of them seems to be selling them with his DVD. For the information of Americans who use “lanyard" to mean something you hang around your neck, he uses the word to mean a wrist strap (so you don’t drop the thing, think Wiimote). Forms of patronizing marketing also manages to piss Ashen off. He expressed his displeasure at the Flip Video’s slogans plastered all over its packaging, and actually refused to properly review a set of Carpenter earbuds due to the pretentious sounding description on the back of its box, especially with its incredibly lame would/wood pun. He rage quits the Welcome Park app in his PS Vita review after he felt patronized by it. Narrator: Knock, Knock There’s someone at the door.

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