Sipping Malt Whisky 微醺之醉 威士忌

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Posted by on 01/1/2014

, Arthur Holly Compton izvijestio je o prvim uspjenim pokusima

Other symptoms may be reported and are claimed to be related to the cause of the odor, such as malfunction of the anal sphincter, a skin disease, “diseased womb", stomach problems or other unknown organic disease.[1] Excessive washing in ORS has been reported to cause the development of eczema.[1]People with ORS misinterpret the behavior of others to be related to the imagined odor (thoughts of reference). In one review, ideas of reference were present in 74% of cases.[2] Usually, these involve misinterpretations of comments, gestures and actions of other people such that it is believed that an offensive smell from the individual is being referred to.[2] These thoughts of reference are more pronounced in social situations which the individual with ORS may find stressful, such as public transport, crowded lift, workplace, classroom, etc.[2] Example behaviors which are misinterpreted include coughing, sneezing, turning of the head, opening a window, facial expressions, sniffing, touching nose, scratching head, gestures, moving away, avoiding the person, whistling.[2] Commonly, when being in proximity to others who are talking among themselves, persons with ORS will be convinced that the conversation is about his or her odor. Intended to reduce flatulence odor),[1][4] repeatedly seeking reassurance from others that there is no odor, although the negative response is usually interpreted instead as politeness rather than truth,[1] and avoidance behaviors such habitually sitting at a distance from others, minimizing movement in an attempt “not to spread the odor", keeping the mouth closed and avoiding talking or talking with a hand in front of the mouth.[1]Persons with ORS tend to develop a behavior pattern of avoidance of social activities and progressive social withdrawal.

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