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Posted by on 07/11/2013

Jordan is Commander, 101st Mission Support Group, 101st Air

There are only 175,000 US Marines in the entire world (which is about a quarter of the size of the US Army), yet they are known as the “best of the best", “the few the proud" etc. They have attained the reputation because, they don’t allow just anyone to become a Marine, and those who do become Marines share a common passion and a sense of pride for what they do. With the limited amount of personnel that they have, they have achieved things and made victories possible that might have not otherwise been achievable if it was not for them.. Jordan is Commander, 101st Mission Support Group, 101st Air Refueling Wing, Bangor International Airport, Bangor, Maine. Col Jordan is responsible for organizing, training, and equipping more than 350 airmen comprising six subordinate units: Contracting, Logistics Readiness Squadron, Civil Engineer Squadron cheap jordans from china, Security Forces Squadron, Communications Flight, and the Force Support Squadron. Contingency Aircraft Support Operations for Air Mobility Command is provided on a 24/7/365 basis. Chu, who was seven months pregnant, was last seen near a downtown parking garage on her way to a doctor’s checkup when she was abducted. Her body was found four days later on the banks of Arcade Creek under some tree limbs. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled.

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