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Posted by on 07/4/2013

Character Customization: Based on your character’s name

Big Bad: Mikhail Khorobirit in both games. Character Customization: Based on your character’s name, age, background, family gift, and aptitude in Soldiering, Intellect and Charisma. The Cynic: Cazarosta and Captain Lefebvre. Captain Smooth and Sergeant Rough: Choose Harlech or Lanzerel as your sergeant, and you have this situation. The Caretaker: Sergeant Fenton appears to see himself as this towards you, to the point where he’ll refuse to obey certain orders that would place you in danger. Civil War:The covenant of Mhidi’yos is in one with one side being royalist and the other primarily being driven by religious orders. If you humiliate Cazarosta during the mock charge, he responds in this way. Despair Event Horizon: Elson undergoes this after he learns the full size of Prince Khorobirit’s army. He copes by constructing a dream of a great victory, and attempting a storybook perfect charge against the Church Hussars that leads to his squadron being more than half annihilated and him going MIA. Digging Yourself Deeper: Lying to Captain Montez about your reasons for being late damages your reputation even further. Lying to Duke Cunaris about breaking the rules of engagement has the potential to get you into serious trouble. Drill Sergeant Nasty: Sergeant Hernandes is a harsh, unlikeable disciplinarian who is thoroughly disliked by his men. Downer Ending: If your reputation is ruined during training in Fernandescourt, you are judged unfit for military service, and are cashiered in disgrace before even entering the war. If you fail to reach lieutenant rank after completing patrol and reserve duty you will be considered a lost cause by your superiors and sent back to Tierra to live a boring life of obscurity, with nothing to show for your military career. If you report Captain Lefebvre to Major Hunter for sanctioning illegal anti partisan activity, and fail to convince Hunter of your claims, you will be cashiered for slandering a superior officer and sent home in disgrace. If the player is disgraced by deserting in the final battle, they are left a pistol by their superiors with the implication that committing suicide is the only escape from their shame, the player can choose to take this option. Disproportionate Retribution: If you humiliate Cazarosta during the mock charge, he attempts to murder you if you participate in the boarding action. If one of your men steals a pig from a local Antari freeholder, you can have him hanged. Divided We Fall: The only reason Tierra has held on as long as it has in the Antari war is because the Congress of the League of Antar is a horribly divided mess, and Prince Khorobirit isn’t getting the support he needs to throw the Tierrans back into the sea. It’d be a fine honour to serve under your command again.

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