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Posted by on 06/24/2013

“Matthews said he hopes McCaskill drops the “frivolous" suit

navy spy sentenced to 20 years

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Fake Designer Bags I also became aware of being quite tired for the first time. I noticed that many of the extras were stretched out on the courtroom benches and sleeping. I have never been able to sleep in public or in strange places and I regarded my colleagues with envy. “This accusation was false and known by the Defendant (Matthews) to be false," the suit claims, “because ammunition housed at the Sheriff Department was abundant and highly visible.""I hate the fact that the former sheriff and his attorney are trying to line their pockets by suing me and it not going to look good for the former sheriff if there public scrutiny," Matthews said. Matthews said he knew McCaskill was planning to sue for months, and said it was a direct result of how the election turned out and breaking up a “good ole boy system in Kershaw County, “I think it definitely a case of sour grapes. There definitely a lot of bitterness; there still lingering bitterness over my victory."Matthews said he hopes McCaskill drops the “frivolous" suit, but if he doesn Matthews vowed to make the audits and his evidence public before a jury, “He had pushed me into a corner now. Fake Designer Bags

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