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Posted by on 06/1/2013

While nearly all outposts can call for reinforcements

Petra Mannooch Should never have been on their name. Conor King Peterborough fan who agrees that MK having the ‘Dons’ name is wrong. Andrew Harding MK drop the Dons!!! There are ONLY one Dons and thats AFC Wimbledon!!! Nick Hitchens Borrowed name and borrowed history joke team Dan Carroll They could change it to “MK Scum" instead Oxted Womble I would rather they carry the Dons bit for a little longer, as I think its like a chain and ball around their necks so a constant reminder to everyone that they stole someone elses club!!!! Nicole Magg Vicki Lowndes Wimbledon are the only true Dons Ross Smith Disgrace to football Ms Olusola Fadero As someone brought up in Tooting near Plough Lane who saw Wimbledon fc runaway from the area over a planning issue cease all ties with people in the area, its about time the club did the decent thing change their name.

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